Creating A Safe Area Beneath A Commercial Tent

Having shelter is a basic human need and one that should be satisfied wherever you go. A commercial tent is a great solution, when you want to host a gathering that combines both the requirements for cover and the need to be outdoors. Whether it’s a corporate celebration, a meeting place before a race or perhaps a festive wedding and reception, these accommodations are able to hold large groups of people for many occasions.

It Covers Things Up

Anything that occurs beneath the tent will literally stay under it. The goal of a tent is to keep individuals safe, dry, and free from environmental effects like rain, sun, and snow. When searching for ultimate protection for your event, seek out a cover that’s safe from moisture, UV exposure, and fire. Nature won’t be a concern if you do this. With a straightforward setup, the commercial tent will do all the work after it has been set up. It will help to make sure that the party keeps going strong, no matter what the weather is like and it can serve the demands of anyone by offering shelter for the special occasion.

The Size Matters

When determining the size of tent you need, take into account whether your friends and relatives will be standing all night, like at a mixer or concert, or seated at tables. The standard standing-only activity requires approximately 8-10 square feet of space per person. It will jump to 12-15 square feet per person for any seated event. Additional room is needed when you incorporate open floor space to dance or play games, or if tables are necessary to hold delicious food and drinks. Picking the appropriate tent size is super easy, once you know how big the event is.

Pole Tents

When given the choice of either a pole or frame tent, knowing the differences between the two can better ensure that you will order the right one. The more traditional pole tent uses rods that secure the structure to the ground. There is a pole that runs down the middle of the shelter, with ropes that hold the fabric in place by tensioning over the poles. On the outside, there will be stakes that are anchored into the ground. These tents are best suited for flat ground, and some may stretch over 10,000 square feet, which is a good amount of space for a large crowd.

The Frame

Frame tents are adaptable, freestanding and may be used on any surface. They will not require as many anchors as a pole tent does, since they are staked on the side. This is a good alternative when the pole isn’t needed or perhaps not feasible. If having access to soft ground is minimal, a frame tent is best. Weighted items like sand bags may also be used to keep the structure down. These shelters could cover up to 4,000 square feet of space.

Put a Stake in It

A friendly, old-fashioned gathering may do a lot of good. Having the chance to celebrate outdoors will give you the best in both shelter and freedom. It could be a wise investment for individuals to rent a commercial tent to host a celebration. However, owning one has its perks not just for you but also for people who know you, and the sense of providing a safe space for yourself and others is a wonderful feeling that can be had year-round.

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